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Beautiful Days

Father's Day

When I was sleeping, my douther come into my bedroom...








I was knocked up in the middle of the night.



I got these from my daughter.

大好きな駄菓子 My favorite cheap sweets

LunchBox Bag





Father's day???(ー_ー)!!


(but the date changed・・・(-_-)zzz) 


And there was my favorite candy(*'▽')!!


Good cost performance!!

LunchBox Bag    ¥200

cheap sweet candy ¥200

totall amount     ¥400(Excluding tax)



Thank you so muchi!!

I was already sleeping・・・( ;∀;)





I was so happy、I'm going to keep a record on blog to commemorate it!


that's all!!


Thank you for reading (*'▽')

Have a nice night(^^)/