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お勧めは、覚えたフレーズをHell Tolkで試してみることです。私もよくやっています。




Give it a try!! 

Let's get started!!(*'▽')



It's sunny.

It's cloudy.

It was sunny today.

It was rainy today.

It was a little hot today.

It was a very(/so) hot today.



I went to Sinjuku.

I went to the convenience store to buy snacks.

I had pasta for lunch.

I had some wine after dinner.

I tried yoga.

I tried Vietnamese food.

I tried the new cafe.

I couldn't sutady English today.I couldn't cook well.

I forgot to buy eggs.

I forgot to set my alarm.



I'm going to play golf tomorrow.

I'm gonna stay home tomorrow.

I will clean my room after this.

I will watch a movie from now.





I'm planning to have a home party. 

I'm planning to travel in Europe.





I'm thinking of going to Thailand.

I'm thinking of buying a car.

I decided to study adroad.

I decided to write a diary in English every day. 



I want to take a day off tomorrow.

I wanna go to a nice restaurant.

I wnteded to buy a new computer.

I want my son to study English.

I feel like listening to music.

I feel like having Mexican food for lunch.

I felt like crying.

I felt like staying home today.

I don't feel like doing anything today.

I want to be able to speak English.

I want to be able to cook well.



I have to take out the trash tomorrow morning.

I have to pay the rent by Friday.

I had to do a lot of housework today.

I don't have to get up early  tomorrow morning.

I don't have to go to work tomorrow.

I need to do some shopping tomorrow.

I should study English more.

I should go to bed soon.

Maybe I should buy that book.

Maybe I should call my parents.



I'm glad I could finish my work.

It was good to leave home earl.

It was good to take an umbrella with me.

I'm excited to see my old friends.

I'm excited to go to the concert.

I'm excited about the Okinawa trip.



I'm worried about my daughter.

I'm worried about the future.

I don't want to work tomorrow.

I don't wanna work tomorrow.

I don't wanna go to the hospital.


Thank you for reading my airticle, Have a nice night!!

See you tomorrow(^_-)-☆